Thinking about divorce?

When you’re going through a divorce — or thinking about divorce

When you’re going through a divorce — or thinking about divorce — you need solid legal information that will help you make the best decisions possible. Find the answers to your questions here, whether you need to know about the divorce process, child custody and support, alimony, or how your marital property will be divided. Most books and articles on divorce are written based on the assumption that once a couple says they want a divorce that they are ready for divorce. It is our experience as therapists and divorce coaches, who have helped many people through this process that this is in fact not the case. Usually when couples begin the divorce process, either one but more often than not, both, are not really ready for the divorce.

Stress reduction: it’s possible.

At this low point, it may seem impossible to do any rational thinking, let alone careful planning. So what can you do? “Take a deep breath and repeat to yourself: help is out there.” Despite the crisis and despite the confusion, you can find the aid and comfort you need to survive separation and divorce, and start on your way to a better, more stable future. With thought and planning, you can save yourself time, money, and – most important of all – undue emotional suffering.