Client Reviews

John G

: Excellent Attorney, Legal Services and Reasonable Costs

I have used Mark's legal services for my dissolution as well as business matters. He is first class in his range of knowledge of the law, working well with his clients, and helping bringing parties together to solve complex matters in a fair, ethical, and cost effective manner. His paralegal is first class in assisting him with the prep of documents, filings, billing, and questions of various types.

Mark and his staff are very easy to work with and they always take the "high road" which has not on only evidenced by me but also my friends who have utilized his services. Further evidence of his quality and ethical work is the various regional legal awards he has received for “pay” legal work, as well as pro-bono work to help people keep their homes in tough economic times. One just need to Google Mark Borns to see the award he received by the Madison, Wisconsin legal community in 2010 at an annual ceremony for his unique pro-bono approach to help people who are at risk of losing their homes.

Mark is an attorney who listens, takes careful action, keeps his clients abreast of all processes and engages key talented financial and tax experts when needed to help find the best solution for his client. I have been extremely impressed by his character, ethics, knowledge of the law, easy demeanor to work with, and very fair costs to handle any matter. His billings were always accurate and fair and he even advised to use him as needed and required, but to be cautious not to do so in a manner that would hurt my wallet. Meaning when I was upset in my dissolution I learned to chat with friends or physically work out more rather than calling Mark too much to vent my same concerns to him too many times which just cost me money and added nothing to what needed to be done. Mark was always there to help me he just helped me learn how to contain my legal cost. A heck of an attorney to provide support but being careful to watch the financial aspects involved.

I HIGHLY recommend Mark Borns. If he cannot serve your legal needs he sure will direct you to someone who can help you with your unique needs!!

Tim D

: Highly Recommended

I have recommended Mr. Borns to one on my friends and would not hesitate to do so again. I got his name from a friend of mine who had been very pleased with the work he had done for her. Divorcing my wife was not easy, but with Mark's guidance and experience, I have the house, and full custody of my boys. I also felt as I dealt with other legal people involved in my case that they had the utmost respect for Mark as a fair person and good lawyer. His office has always returned my calls and answered questions I had promptly. You can't ask for much more than that.

Jean F

: Experienced, Reasonable, And Extremely Helpful

I would recommend Mark Borns to anybody who asked. They have always been affordable and attentive. I felt comfortable the moment I walked in.

I was originally introduced to Atty Borns Office a few years ago when my ex tried to flee the state with our 2 children. I found the knowledge they shared, and determination in my case to help me not only win full placement of my children but the compassion that they showed me carried me through a very difficult time in my life.

More recently I found myself at risk of losing my home to foreclosure. I knew exactly where I needed to go. Atty Borns was quick to take action with the court, as well as recommendations for financial counseling and mediation with my mortgage company. He was a rock through the whole thing, always quick to answer my emails or phone calls. At this point it looks like I successfully am staying in my home. Borns Law Office has saved my life once again.

Tim G

: Mark's counsel was invaluable to me.

Mark Borns helped me gain significant placement of my son, after my ex-wife did everything she could do to cut him out of my life. After wasting my time and money with other Dane County legal firms, Mark's counsel was invaluable to me to get the nonsence stopped and the divorce finalized. Mark Borns managed to obtain a fair property division settlement in the Dane County divorce court in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mark helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. He not only handled my very complicated divorce, he also helped me get guardianship over my oldest son who had been in a very serious traffic accident. Mark stuck by me and supported me when my whole world fell apart. I would highly recommend Mark, he is a dedicated professional that truly cares about his clients. Mark's staff are also extremely helpful and caring people, I couldn't have gotten through it without them.

Jolenta A

: Borns Law Is Top-Notch Madison Law Office

Mark Borns of Borns Law is a truly gifted attorney and a rare Madison treasure. His unusual combination of raw intelligence, legal savvy, and decades of experience make him a formidable representative on behalf of his clients. Not only is he a great divorce lawyer, Borns is outstanding when it comes to personal injury and bankruptcy cases as well. I know several people who have been clients of Mark Borns and they are huge fans, as am I. I also recommend Mark Borns for complex real estate transactions. Specifically, he advised me on several extremely convoluted options to purchase. No amount of complexity escapes Mark Borns — his razor sharp intellect is truly impressive. Not only that but Borns has a huge heart. I know of several cases that he took on pro bono as his way of giving back to his community. Brains, expertise, and compassion — Borns has it all!

David B

: Helpful and beyond the call

Mark did a great job with my divorce. It was long and way too complicated by outside factors that he kept control of and helped streamline. More importantly after the divorce was over there were frivolous charges thrown in that Mark helped solve even though the case was over. He was always accessible and easy to talk to. His staff is also excellent in helping put together the financials and other paperwork that often feels overwhelming for most of us.

Susan Y

: Very Fine Lawyer

I have recommended Mark Borns to some of my friends who needed help with various legal issues. For my best friend he counseled her about what she could do to resolve the situation herself and did not charge her. My case was not that easy, but Attorney Borns was a huge help.

James S

: Extremely Professional

Mark Borns took the time to explain to me the law and the various possible outcomes. He maintained a good perspective and exercised good professional judgment during a time I was not at my best. The outcome was very good and within the range of what he predicted. His fees were reasonable. He was very kind to me during a very hard time of my life.